Thursday, May 26, 2011


Little Miss Jules comes every month to have professional pictures..and I must say, I ADORE getting to dress her up and take her picture!! Today was no different...she was the first to model my brand spanking new Ruffly Petty Romper I bought off Etsy a few weeks ago!  She looked absolutely beautifulll!  Her monthly sessions are definitely something I anticipate and plan for all month long!


Sweet baby Luke...what a beautiful little boy!  He's definitely one to give you moms out there baby fever! 

{Chavez--Newborn Session}

I love everything about newborns! I love their brand new smell. The dark blue/gray eyes.  Yes, even the crying (as long as it's NOT mine, haha)!  There is just something about a new baby that makes you feel the world is a beautiful place, and that it holds so much promise!  Of course I fell in love with this little sleeping beauty that came in, she was such a sweetheart!  Now all that being said,  she DID make me work quite hard to get these photos! Almost 2 hrs went by, we were about to reschedule, when this little missy decided she wanted to finally take a little 15 min nap!  Hooray!! 15 min was ALL I needed!  I decided to try some blues instead of the normal "pinks" I traditionally use for baby girls!   Each and every newborn session is something I treasure...this was no exception!  Thank you again to the Chavez family for letting me have the opportunity to take your little one's first pictures! 


Part 1 of this session was rained here we are again for take 2!  These kids are SOO cute and fun!  They had me laughing the entire time.  I can't believe how exhausting a 20 min session can be with 3 high energy kiddos, but I loved every minute of it!

{My sweet little Ethan}

Taking pictures of my own kids is extremely exhausting!  They KNOW how bad I want a good photo...they ON purpose ignore me and avoid any and all eye contact!  I've tried over and over again to give them toys and random props to play with, yet they still seem to figure me out and it's very rare that I can get any photos of them that I come away being in love with.  WELLL I found the ONE thing my son cannot resist...PINWHEELS!! For some reason, Ethan thinks they are amazing and oh so much fun!  Yay for me, I grabbed my camera and was able to snap a few photos of him playing with it, even a few with him looking right at me! I was very proud of myself...and him!  Anyhow, here are a few of my favorites...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

{Kolhagen Family}

Ok so I am the FIRST to admit families are not my specialty, but I LOVE getting the chance to improve my skills and learn what I can from each and every session!! The Kolhagen family  brought their adorable little girls out to be photographed on a FREEZING overcast day, and let me tell you, those girls are champs!!  They were perfect for the camera and behaved so well!  Thank you, again, Kolhagen family for choosing me to photograph your family, esp with the weather conditions we were having! 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Welcome Home Your Hero Contest!!

Are you the spouse of a deployed service member on JBMDL??   Well if so, this contest is for you!  If your spouse is returning from a deployment between May and Sept 2011, then you automatically qualify to be entered!  All you have to do is submit a photo of you and your spouse/family to and write a short paragraph on why you would like to win and you will be entered in!  I will pick 3 finalists and then post them on FB to be voted on.  I will be accepting entries for the next 3 weeks so tell everyone you know that has a deployed spouse to hurry up and get their entries in!

Now, the winner gets:  A Complimentary Makeover before your spouse comes, makeup, the whole deal!  Then I will come with you to meet your spouse and take pictures of when they actually come home, THEN you also get a complimentary 1 hr Family or Couples session as well!!  It can be on the same date or another date of your choosing!  The winner will get 10 images on cd, 1 FREE 8x10, AND an 8x10 frame from The Organic Bloom to put their print in!  This is a fabulous giveaway for one lucky winner!! 

Being a military wife myself, I honestly admire and look up to each and every spouse that has to go through a deployment.  It is NOT easy, especially with children!  You feel lonely and neglected and worried among 100 other emotions.  This is just a small way to give back and say "Thank You" to all that we give up to support our heroes....because behind EVERY great man is a great woman!