Thursday, December 9, 2010

{Candice and Brandon}

While on my visit home, I also got the chance to do a photo shoot for Candice and her boyfriend, Brandon.   Candice makes all my hats and props I use for my newborn photo shoots and I was so excited to get the chance to photograph them.  They drove over an hour to get their pictures taken and were so much fun to get to know!  Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to take your pictures :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{The "V" Family}

What a small world it really is....Matt and my husband, Brad grew up together, attending the same high school and we recently discovered they are stationed at the same base as us!  They have a little boy who is absolutely hands down the cutest baby EVER!  I was so excited to get the chance to photograph their cute little family!  They were such troopers too, it was an extremely cold and windy day!  We managed to squeeze an hour long session into a 25 min one, and still came away with some awesome pictures!  Thank you, Matt and Kimbre for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family!