Friday, September 10, 2010


Deena is such a little doll! Oh my goodness, she had this little model face going on the whole time! Adorable!  I couldn't manage to get much of a smile out of her, lol, but she looked adorable and was so much fun to photograph!

Engagement Session-Maria


These pictures of Robin turned out great!  She is such a beautiful girl and so photogenic.  I had no problem getting some amazing shots!  Harveston is so beautiful this time of year.  Thank you, Robin, {and her mom!} for being so patient with me!

Jim and Stacey

Jim and Stacey are lifelong friends who moved away a few years back, but were back in town for a wedding!  I was so excited to get the chance to do a photoshoot with them. They were such troopers - it was over 100 degrees out!   They were my first couples photoshoot I have done, so I probably took a bit longer than I should have!  All in all, the pictures turned out pretty good!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Logan and Elyzabeth

I had SO much fun photographing these two cuties!  Elyzabeth is a doll and she was so adorable in her little pink hat!  Her baby brother Logan is such a cutie, too!  I love doing photoshoots of children. There's just something about their sweet little faces that is just so much fun to photograph! 

Jim and Stacey

Jim and Stacey were my first couples photoshoot!  It was such a hot day, over 105 degrees!  They were so patient with me and were so much fun to photograph, despite the extreme heat!  All in all everything went pretty well and I definitely gathered some learning experience. Thanks so much to both of them for coming out and enduring the heat so I could get some more "practice"!